We believe that set and setting are an integral part of your successful journey. Set refers to the mindset you bring to the experience and setting references the environment in which you partake.


Every journey begins with our experienced psychedelic coaches who help you prepare for your retreat, guiding you through your intention-setting as well as exploring meditation and breathwork practices – all of which readies you to leverage tools that will support you throughout retreat activities and beyond.


From secluded beaches that start where the jungle ends to mystical pueblos guarded by ancient Aztec ruins, we take great pride in hosting your journey in beautiful and safe locations that support transformation and healing.


Your journey can show you a new way of being by connecting you to your true self and, in the process, discover what it is you truly value and aspire to be.  We believe integrating medicine with setting is the catalyst to real life change.

Move from the mundane to a place of full and rich well-being through Sabe’s integrated retreats. Our integration experience connects you with your authentic self which in turn enables you to live in alignment with your values and desires. It’s this alignment with core values that powers genuine relationships with others.

Private Retreats

Sabe’s private sessions are perfect for groups of friends, couples, or individuals seeking an exclusive transformation experience.

Select from one of our proven programs or custom-build your retreat. You can choose your location- city, mountains, beach, jungle, or forest. We design your trip based on idyllic locations and luxurious accommodations. Our hand-selected practitioners, chefs, and instructors support you through a truly magical trip.

All retreats can be enhanced with add-ons like:

  • Water Sports
  • Hiking
  • Sightseeing
  • Elite Business Coaching
  • Neuro-Emotional Sessions
  • Personally Tailored Bodywork
  • Massages
  • Private Sound Healing
  • Breath-Work
  • and More…

Grab your partner, your best friend, and embark now on a collective journey of healing and personal growth. Contact us today!

Retreat Programs

Find your well-being in one of our scheduled retreats. Intimate group surroundings provide the backdrop to unwind and reset.  Each day is used to slow the mind, awaken the body, and heal the soul from one of our secluded beachside locations or scenic mountain towns.

Don’t waste another day living on the margins of well-being. If you’re ready to change your life for the better… signup, show-up, and unplug!

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