The benefits of a true medicine experience cover a broad spectrum and are not fully appreciated until a person tries a psychedelic. The impact on the individual is felt during the experience and in the integration phase following the experience. No two encounters are the same; hence the benefits will differ from person to person.

Factors that tend to improve the quality of these experiences and the amount of benefit are: intentions, trust and optimism, positive attitude, self-love, mindfulness, presence, determination, authentic conversations with self, leaning into and letting go, cleansing and detoxing prior with strong nutritional follow-up, self-care, and a variety of integration activities sustained over a period of time following the encounter.


Psilocybin is the active ingredient in naturally occurring psychoactive mushrooms found in Mexico, South America, and the southern and northwest regions of the United States. Some cultures like the Aztecs used the “divine mushroom” as part of their spiritual and traditional celebrations and rituals.

Psilocybin increases brain connectivity, allowing for increased communication between different regions, resetting the brain to a balanced and healthy state. It affects the brain’s prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain regulating abstract thinking and thought analysis. This region of the brain also plays a key role in mood and perception.


5-MeO-DMT or O-methyl-bufotenin is a psychedelic of the tryptamine class. It is found in a wide variety of plant species and has been used as an entheogen in South America.

Entheogens are psychoactive substances that promote transformations in perception, mood, consciousness, thought, or behavior for the purposes of engendering spiritual development.

During the 5-MeO-DMT experience, most individuals undergo mental clarity, increased motivation, enhanced awareness, joy in living, and a sense of inner peace. This process can also aid in resolving past trauma and negative thought patterns.


When it comes to Psilocybin therapy treatments, highly positive results are being shown among those suffering from anxiety and depression. Brain image studies conducted on patients with depression revealed changes in brain activity that were associated with marked and lasting reductions in depressive symptoms. Participants reported benefits lasting months after the treatment.

A therapeutic experience on a high dose of psilocybin mushrooms includes increased intensity of emotional experiences, increased introspection, and altered psychological functioning in the form of “hypnagogic experiences” which are similar to a dreaming state — a transitory state between wakefulness and sleep.


As a veteran-owned business, we are particularly sensitive to our fellow vets suffering from PTSD. Many are at increased risk for a variety of mental health issues and cognitive impairment resulting from military service. In several scientific studies conducted, psychedelic-assisted therapy suggests unique promise.

Symptoms of PTSD include flashbacks and nightmares, avoidance of people, places, or things that are reminders of traumatic events, distressing memories, and increased or excessive anxiety – all of which can be devastating.

We are proud of our brothers and sisters who have worn our country’s cloth and honored to help them restore order and balance. As a Public Benefit Corporation, a portion of our proceeds goes to expand veteran access to psychedelic healing through the non-profit organization Heroic Hearts Project and The Hope Project.

Integration with Retreats

Psilocybin and 5MeO provide the opportunity to do deep, introspective self-work with profound benefits that can include the adoption of new perspectives, the release of negative emotions, and renewed focus to be future-ready. They also afford opportunities to become more deeply aware of the worthiness and wholeness of your being.

The use of plant medicines is only one aspect of the experience. It is in the integration with Sabe retreats where full benefit is realized.

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