the mission

Sabe’s namesake is Maria Sabina, the Mazatec sabia, or curandera. Well-respected in her village as a healer and shaman, Maria performed the velada mushroom ceremony for several decades for the purpose of “communing with God and healing the sick.”

Sabina is also credited with inadvertently introducing magic mushrooms to the western world when Gordon Wasson published an expose in LIFE magazine in 1957.  While his article shed light on the powerful outcomes associated with Maria’s mushroom ceremonies, it also led to misinformation about the benefits of plant-based medicines like psilocybin and their role in resetting one’s well-being.

We are dedicated to honoring and restoring the mission of Maria Sabina through its integration of well-curated retreats punctuated with medicinal experiences.


Soy mujer que mira hacia adentro
Soy mujer luz del día
Soy mujer luna
Soy mujer estrella de la mañana
Soy mujer estrella dios
Soy la mujer reloj
Soy la mujer constelación
Soy la mujer constelación bastón
Porque podemos subir al cielo
Porque soy la mujer pura
Soy la mujer del bien

porque puedo entrar y salir del reino de la muerte


– Maria Sabina


I am a woman who looks inward
I am woman daylight
I am woman moon
I am woman morning star
I am woman a star god
I am woman the clock
I am woman constellation
I am woman constellation baton
Because we can go up to heaven
Because I am the pure woman
I am the woman of the good

because I can enter and leave the realm of death

– Maria Sabina

Sabe couples the tradition of medicinal integration with a setting that allows clarity, and awareness.  Our passion and expertise can help you connect with your authentic self  –  to become all you are meant to be.

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